Without an accurate overview of your IT-assets you will encounter risks on compliancy, unbudgeted expenses and unscheduled downtime.

Without an accurate overview of your (IT-) Contracts you have no control on your spendings and budgets.

For all your IT-Assets our platform is an agentless discovery for anything on the network. We support multiple platforms and protocols, enabling full inventory capabilities across all x86, iOS and Unix/Linux devices, including switch/route equipment

  • Windows, OSx, Linux, Unix, …
  • Networking and Storage,
  • Printers, etc.
  • Phones, tablets etc.

Our agentless discovery solution provides the most comprehensive inventory possible, including:

  •  installed options,
  •  CALs,
  •  virtualized and cloud-based assets.

Our wizard-based configuration takes less than 30 minutes before network inventory begins.

ALL discovered and inventorised data will be stored in a central depository, not once, but continuously updated!

Additionally we add your licenses, agreements, contracts, to complete the centralisation of the data collection.

When implementing our platform, you will have access to a webportal with a complete & accurate management overview.